New paper out in Fisheries Oceanography

We just got a new paper published in Fisheries Oceanography, which you can read here (or contact me for a pdf). In short, we were able to provide a quantitative description of the association of lobster phyllosoma with jellies (also known as gelatinous zooplankton). This is a fascinating relationship where the lobster larvae attach to gelatinous zooplankton of varying sizes (sometimes one individual phyllosoma attaches to several jellies simultaneously) and likely use them as both a floating shelter and a food resource. During the fall in the Gulf of Mexico, the phyllosoma were abundant, and ~30% of them were attached to gelatinous zooplankton, with a higher probability of attachment further from shore (toward the south). This kind of species interaction can only be revealed through in situ imaging and likely has some evolutionary benefit for the life history of lobsters.