I am a biological oceanographer interested in the interplay of physical structure in the ocean environment, ecological interactions, and resulting effects on marine population dynamics, with particular emphasis on the early life stages of fishes. Because many larval fishes experience high mortality rates (> 99%), small changes in survival (through variation in feeding, predation, etc.) can have a dramatic effect on the abundance of juveniles and adults from year to year. Understanding these processes impacting the early life history of fishes requires observations across a range plankton trophic levels and spatiotemporal scales; however, biological observations have been limited to relatively coarse scales, even though physical oceanographers have been working with high resolution measurements for decades. The desire to understand the coupling of physical changes in the ocean to biological responses has led me to work with new sampling technologies, mainly in situ imaging and acoustics, which provide unprecedented spatial and taxonomic resolution of plankton distributions. Imaging, in particular, can produce novel insights into plankton and larval fish behavior under different oceanographic conditions.

I currently work as an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Southern Mississippi Division of Marine Science as part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative funded research consortium called CONCORDE. This project involves an interdisciplinary team of scientists investigating the physical, chemical, and biological processes in the river-dominated northern Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

I will be joining the faculty at the University of Georgia Department of Marine Sciences (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography) starting in December 2019. Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies

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Contact: adam.greer@usm.edu

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